The Rothbard Reader – By Joe Salerno and Matthew McCaffrey (Ed)

Rothbard_ReaderSiempre vale la pena leer a Rothbard. Acá surgió un nuevo libro suyo, gracias al esfuerzo de Joseph T. Salerno, Matthew McCaffrey y el Ludwig von Mises Institute. Para los que ya conocen la obra de Rothbard: ¿Cuál es la ventaja de leer este libro? Que Rothbard escribía largo, y acá se compilan algunos artículos cortos que el mismo Rothbard escribió para audiencias académicas y populares.
Some readers of this book will already be familiar with Rothbard’s major works, such as his path-breaking treatise on economics, Man, Economy, and State. Yet Rothbard also produced hundreds of shorter works for both academic and popular audiences. Unfortunately, many lack the time to explore his writings; what’s more, his oeuvre is so enormous it is oft en difficult to know where to begin. This book aims to solve these problems by providing a window into Rothbard’s achievements in the social sciences, humanities, and beyond. It includes introductory, intermediate, and advanced material, to ensure the book can be enjoyed by readers of all levels of understanding and familiarity with Rothbard’s work. Therefore although it is intended primarily for newcomers, veteran readers will also find much to discover or re-discover in these pages.
Sugerencia de los editores: Los artículos compilados se pueden leer en cualquier orden. Para los expertos en Rothbard, vean el índice… quizás hay algo nuevo que les llame la atención.
Desde este link se puede acceder al pdf: The Rothbard Reader.