Extracts from an Interview with Friedrich von Hayek (El Mercurio, Chile, 1981)

«El Mercurio» (p. D8-D9), 12 April 1981, Santiago de Chile

Reagan said: «Let us begin an era of National Renewal.» How do you understand that this will be a renewal?

I am placing much hope in this new administration. And if I were to meet Mr Reagan, I would tell him that his «new beginning» is on the right track. It is indeed a new beginning. For the past 50 years, since Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s, the United States has been on the wrong path. Of course the situation has got much worse during the past 20 years. And for the first time I feel that the United States is today on the right track. Reagan understands that the best thing is to take the free market as his basis, as the only way of restoring the country’s economy. He knows this, and he has also chosen very good advisers.


Do you personally know any of his advisers?

Mr Reagan, Mr Solzhenitsyn and I are honorary members of the Hoover Institution in Stanford, California….

In what other countries do you also notice this change?

There are certain intellectual movements in this direction in France, and also in the younger generation in Western Germany. In these four countries – United States, France, England and Germany – there is a clear return to what we call «classical liberalism», as opposed to the liberalism that has reigned in North America during the past 20 years and which has smiled too often in the direction of socialism. . . . .

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Reflexión de domingo: «Al final, ¿qué es ser un liberal?»

VargasLlosaLIMA.- Como los seres humanos, las palabras cambian de contenido según el tiempo y el lugar. Seguir sus transformaciones es instructivo, aunque, a veces, como ocurre con el vocablo «liberal», semejante averiguación puede extraviarnos en un laberinto de dudas.

Por Alvaro Vargas Llosa

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