Some thoughts on policy normalization and the Fed – Por Jaime Narbón

November is an interesting month in Washington, D.C. for Economists, Researchers, Policy Analysts and overall, for those interested in the world of ideas. For example, during the month of November, one can attend interesting academic events and listen to prominent scholars at the Annual Dinner of the National Economists Club, or attend several events at think thanks in the area. This year, Washington, DC had the exceptional experience of being the official site of the Southern Economic Association‘s Annual meetings as well as the Annual meeting of the Society for the development of Austrian Economics, where some of the most talented scholars and students gather to present and discuss relevant research on different fields within the science of economics.

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Inicia el Master en Political Economy del SMC

Esta semana comienza el nuevo Master in Political Economy del Swiss Management Center con un interesante grupo de alumnos inaugurales. Este nuevo proyecto parece nacer con un buen impacto en la comunidad internacional. El siguiente comentario de Jaime Narbón, alumno del programa, es reflejado en el de Robert Wenzel.

Just wanted to give you some information that your readers might find valuable. I am in the midst of starting a Master’s program in Political Economy –Economics which is based on the Austrian School of Economics. The University that offers it is the Swiss Management Center . The classes are dictated online, in real time through adobe connect platform and are recorded in the event that the student cannot attend class. This presents a huge advantage over traditional brick and mortar classrooms, since the courses can be attended from the comfort of your bedroom, living room, coffee shop and from anywhere in the world, literally! All you need is a microphone, headsets, a computer and internet.

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