History of Political Economy, Volume 49, Number 1, March 2017


Sebastian Edwards – Gold, the Brains Trust, and Roosevelt

Nicola Giocoli – The (Rail)Road to Lochner: Reproduction Cost and the Gilded Age Controversy over Rate Regulation

Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay – Musgrave, Samuelson, and the Crystallization of the Standard Rationale for Public Good

José M. Menudo and Nicolas Rieucau – A Previously Unpublished Correspondence between Adam Smith and Joseph Nicolas de Windischgrät

Neri Salvadori and Rodolfo Signorino – Is Food Self-Sufficiency Conducive to Long-Term Growth? An Assessment of Malthus (1803) on the International Corn Trade

Danilo Freitas Ramalho da Silva – Lucas’s Research in the Late 1960s and the Natural Rate of Unemployment

Book Review

Roberto Baranzini – Léon Walras, Elements of Theoretical Economics or the Theory of Social Wealth

History of Political Economy, Volume 47, Number 2

HOPEDuke University Press acaba de publicar un nuevo ejemplar de la revista History of Political Economy, en la que se destacan contribuciones de James Forder, Filippo Cesarano, Hansjörg Klausinger, Vincent Barnett y Casto Martín Montero Kuscevic y Marco Antonio del Río Rivera, además de los book reviews.


James Forder, Textbooks on the Phillips Curve

Filippo Cesarano, Indian Currency and Finance: John Maynard Keynes’s Prismatic View of the International Monetary System

Hansjörg Klausinger, Hans Mayer, Last Knight of the Austrian School, Vienna Branch

Vincent Barnett, Keynes and the Psychology of Economic Behavior: From Stout and Sully to The General Theory

Casto Martín Montero Kuscevic and Marco Antonio del Río Rivera, Mises and Montaigne: A Note

Book Reviews

Bradley W. Bateman, Reinterpreting the Keynesian Revolution, By Robert Cord

Jon Cohen, Maurice Dobb: Political Economist, By Timothy Shenk

David Collard, Keynes and His Contemporaries: Tradition and Enterprise in the Cambridge School of Economics, By Atsushi Komine

Donald E. Frey, The Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Economics, Edited by Paul Oslington.

Gerard M. Koot, Torkel Aschehoug and Norwegian Historical Economic Thought: Reconsidering a Forgotten Norwegian Pioneer Economist, By Mathilde C. Fasting

Tiziano Raffaelli, A History of Italian Economic Thought, By Riccardo Faucci

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