MPS: Young Scholars Program

Mont Pelerin Society, 2019 Texas Regional Meeting

Contentious Issues in Classical Liberalism

Fort Worth May 19-22

Call for Papers

Members and Guests Age 40 and Younger

The Mont Pelerin Society is increasing its efforts to involve younger members in the society and to recruit new young guests who have the potential to become members in the future. As part of that effort, the society is organizing sessions at the 2019 regional meeting in Fort Worth for scholars age 40 or younger. Scholars selected for inclusion in this program will have their registration fee reduced and be eligible for limited travel support.

We will consider submissions on all topics related to issues of interest to the society’s aims ( but are particularly interested in papers that address contentious issues where classical liberals often disagree. Plenary topics include: monetary policy, immigration, the optimal size of government, policing, foreign policy, welfare policy, regulating sexual behavior and discrimination, and religion. Scholarly papers addressing these topics are especially encouraged to apply.

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