New on the Hayek Program Podcast: Pete Boettke Interviews Bruce Caldwell on F.A. Hayek, Economic History, and His Life’s Work [Mercatus Center, GMU]

On this episode of the Hayek Program Podcast, Peter Boettke sits down with one of the foremost scholars on the works of F.A. Hayek, Bruce Caldwell, to discuss his current work on Hayek and economics more broadly. Caldwell, the director of the Center for the History of Political Economy and research professor of economics at Duke University, reveals some of his upcoming and current projects, including a special piece thus far missing from his body of work on Hayek – a biography on the man himself.

Some of Caldwell’s past work includes Beyond Positivism: Economic Methodology in the 20th Century, first published in 1982, and Hayek’s Challenge: An Intellectual Biography of F. A. Hayek. Since 2002, he has been the General Editor of The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek.

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