LIBERTAS 4.2 and JCC’s dissertation in English

We are pleased to announce that Volume 4, Number 2 of LIBERTAS: Segunda Epoca is now available online.

This issue brings a special contribution. Juan C. Cachanosky’s (JCC) doctoral dissertation on the pitfalls of mathematical use in economics was originally published in Spanish in the original ESEADE‘s journal LIBERTAS (published as RIIM since 2007) in the 1980s. JCC’s research on this topic took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s. We are now making a translation of his work to English available on this issue.

This issue also includes (1) some comments and clarification from myself as the translator, (2) a vivid comment form Peter J. Boettke, who witnessed JCC’s doctoral defense in the United States, and (3) important reflections by Gabriel J. Zanotti, who also was a first time witness at the time of the debates in which JCC was involved at the time. This provides valuable context to understand some of the arguments being made in the published version of the dissertation.

The editors of LIBERTAS: Segunda Epoca hope to offer translation to English of JCC’s most salient work in the coming issues.

This issue also of the journal includes:

  1. Cachanosky, Nicolas: Translation Introduction to Juan Carlos Cachanosky’s «Economic Science vs. Mathematical Economics»
  2. Boettke, Peter J.: Wisdom from Juan Carlos Cachanosky on Economic Science vs. Mathematical Economics
  3. Zanotti, Gabriel J.: Why Juan Carlos Cachanosky was Finally Right?
  4. Cachanosky, Juan C.: Economic Science vs. Mathematical Economics: Part I
  5. Cachanosky, Juan C.: Economic Science vs. Mathematical Economics: Part II
  6. Sarjanovic, Ivo A.: El Mercado como Proceso: 30 Años Después
  7. Borella, Agustina: Lógica de la Situacion y Realismo en Popper
  8. Zanotti, Gabriel J.: La Devaluación del Magisterio Pontificio

I want to extend deep appreciation to Amy Fontinelle for her assistance in the translation process. Her delicate and precise work has significantly improved the final outcome.