The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, Volume 22, no. 1 (Spring 2019)


More Than Quibbles: Problems with the Theory and History of Fractional Reserve Free Banking
by Robert P. Murphy

The Menger-Mises Theory of the Origin of Money — Conjecture or Economic Law?
by Kristoffer Mousten Hansen

Taking Government Out of Politics: Murray Rothbard on Political and Local Reform during the Progressive Era
by Patrick Newman

Beginning the Welfare State: Civil War Veterans’ Pensions
by Murray N. Rothbard

Book Reviews:

Review of Capitalism in America: A History by Alan Greenspan and Adrian Wooldridge
Reviewed by Joakim Book

Review of Confucian Capitalism: Shibusawa Eiichi, Business Ethics, and Economic Development in Meiji Japan by John H. Sagers
Reviewed by Jason Morgan

Review of Austerity: When It Works and When It Doesn’t by Alberto Alesina, Carlo Favero, and Francesco Giavazzi
Reviewed by Mark Thornton