Emilio Ocampo: The Economic Analysis of Populism

Uno de los temas políticos relevantes en Argentina, y también en Latino América, es el del populismo.

Emilio Ocampo tiene interestantes trabajos sobre este tema (por ejemplo aquí y aquí). Recientemente ha publicado un paper donde analiza la literatura económica que trata el tema del populismo.

El trabajo es muy completo e interesante, recomendable para quienes tengan interés es un análisis serio sobre este tema.


Although the application of the conceptual and analytical framework of economics to the study of populism is still in its infancy, great advances have been made in recent years. This paper reviews some key contributions behind this progress. When analyzing populism, economists face two methodological hurdles: lack of consensus and clarity about its definition and reconciling the populist vote with voter rationality. The former has plagued sociologists and political scientists for decades. As to the latter, it raises a conundrum: if populist policies are detrimental to economic growth, as most economists agree, the vote for a populist candidate suggests some irrationality or inefficiency in the political markets. The works reviewed in this paper propose alternative approaches to address both issues. The most promising line of research in the economic analysis of populism draws concepts from other social sciences such political theory, sociology, history and social psychology.

Acceder al paper en la página del CEMA.

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