Still Crying for Argentina

Lawrence Reed tiene una columna muy interesante sobre Eva Perón. Resume bastante bien su rol en la política Argentina. La nota incluye breves comentarios de Eduardo Marty y míos sobre el tema.

Her rags to riches story is tied inextricably to politics. She loved to be close to power; the more she had of it herself, the more she felt entitled to another dose of it. She craved attention and adoration so much that she once admitted, “My biggest fear in life is to be forgotten.”

She demagogued her way to a cult following among those who depended on the favors she dispensed and stepped on anyone who stood in her way. A law which obstructed her ambitions was, in her view, a law to be bent or broken. Any fair assessment of her must note that she delivered numerous vapid harangues and gave away lots of other people’s money, but she never invented, created or built anything.

No, I’m not talking about Hillary Clinton. The woman I have in mind, however, was sort of the Hillary Clinton of Argentina. Her name was Eva Perón, known affectionately by admirers as “Evita.” She is not yet forgotten, a sad fact that requires a refresher on just who she was and what she stood for.

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  1. Magnífico, sin desperdicios, con un Inglés sutil y refinado el autor «depicts» what the Peronism and all leaders of the same kind have been and still are -through their fans/followers-.

    Me gusta

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