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The Daily Bell hace llegar una interesante entrevista a Peter Boettke sobre el desarrollo contemporáneo de la Escuela Austriaca. Bettke resume lo sucedido en los últimos años, el programa en GMU y no deja de tocar algunos temas teóricos de interés.

Daily Bell: It’s been quite a while since we last chatted. How is your program at George Mason going?

Peter Boettke: Yes, I believe we last spoke in 2010. GMU’s program has really been doing quite well since that time. We have added some high quality faculty and continue to recruit some very strong graduate students. And our alumni have been doing some outstanding work – both in terms of publishing and in terms of institution building.

Let me give a few examples. Ben Powell and David Skarbek are both doctoral students that I supervised. Ben Powell recently published his book Out of Poverty with Cambridge University Press and it has met with extremely good reviews and praise from his professional peers. Ben has also moved to Texas Tech University, where he has become the Director of the Free Market Institute.

I am a visiting professor there this year, and during my visit in the fall I was amazed at what Ben is accomplishing there with his faculty partners and graduate students. I expect you will hear great things about Ben’s continued success in contributing to the scientific literature in economics and political economy, with his training of graduate students to be the next generation of college and university teachers of economics and the advancement of the ideas of economic and political liberty through his good work. See his new TV show “Free to Exchange” for an example. Just fantastic stuff. A link to his new institute is here.

David Skarbek’s book, The Social Order of the Underworld, was published by Oxford University Press in 2014, and has been discussed in The Economist and The Atlantic. The book – which is based on material that formed his doctoral dissertation – examines the economic and political organization of gangs inside the prison system. Not only has Dave’s work drawn significant attention, it has won major academic awards from his peers.

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