New book

New book:

This last week end, with my co-author Alan Futerman, we sent the final draft of our book
“Commodities as an Asset Class:
Essays on Inflation, the Paradox of Gold and the Impact of Crypto” to our publisher Palgrave Macmillan.
It is expected to be printed in about 12 weeks so ready for the Christmas shopping season 😀.

John B. Taylor – Mary and Robert Raymond Professor of Economics – Department of Economics – Standford University kindly accepted to write a prologue.

As a countdown towards the publication date
I will publish, on a weekly basis, the generous blurbs we received endorsing the book:

“Using commodities as an inflation hedge has come back into vogue now that inflation has spiked in most advanced economies. But that is easier said than done, argue Ivo A. Sarjanovic and Alan G. Futerman in their important new book. The real (inflation- adjusted) return on commodities depends on hard-to-forecast fundamentals, not just on monetary factors, and only in two decades (1970s and the 2000s) were those real returns positive. Essential reading both for analysts trying to understand the commodity markets and for traders hoping not to get fleeced. I recommend it enthusiastically.”
Andres Velasco – Dean of the School of Public Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science

In the next weeks I will share the table of contents too.

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