Richard Wagner’s book Macroeconomics as Systems Theory

«Macroeconomics as Systems Theory» Book Panel
Peter Boettke, Erwin Dekker, Abigail Devereaux, Will Luther, & Richard Wagner | February 24, 2021
On this episode of the Hayek Program Podcast, we host our first book panel of 2021 on Richard Wagner’s book Macroeconomics as Systems Theory.
This book examines macroeconomic theory from an analytical framework provided by theories of complex systems, in contrast to conventional theories founded on aggregation. In considering macro theory, Wagner contrasts the conventional approach of focusing on the national economy as a collection of aggregate variables with the social-theoretic approach of viewing macro variables as shaped through social institutions, conventions, and other processes.
The panel is moderated by Peter Boettke and features Abigail Devereaux, Assistant Professor of Economics at Wichita State University; Erwin Dekker, Assistant Professor of Cultural Economics at Erasmus University; and Will Luther, Assistant Professor of Economics at Florida Atlantic University.
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