Journal of New Finance (JNF), Volume 1, Number 1 and 2, UFM, Madrid.

The Journal of New Finance (JNF) is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal devoted to the publication of world class research across all major areas of finance. The journal targets as an audience both academics and industry practitioners, with a special emphasis for investment managers and risk managers. The JNF is promoted by the Universidad Francisco Marroquin Madrid.

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Volume 1, Number 1 (2020)


Are CoCo Bonds Suitable as Core Capital Instruments?
Kevin Dowd

Hyman Minsky: An Advocate of Big Government
Juan Ramon Rallo

Is Modern Finance Geared Up to Support Financial Regulation?
Massimiliano Neri

Buffett’s Derivatives: Disruptive Financing at Low Cost
Florencia Roca and Juan Carlos Sanchez Meyer

Volume 1, Number 2 (2020)


Socially Useless? The Crucial Contribution of Finance to Economic Life
Philip Booth and Diego Zuluaga

Saving Active Managers from the Market
Scott Vincent

Friedrich Hayek On Monetary and Banking Systems Reforms
Adrian Ravier