The Journal of Prices & Markets – Volume 5, Issue 1, Fall 2016

David Howden 
Editor’s Introduction

Jim Fischer
Consumption Tax, Liberty, and Democracy: Financing the Minimalist State

Glenn Fox
Asymmetric Information and Market Failure: A Market Process Perspective

George Bragues
Human Action, the State Edition: Can Praxeology Ground Political Science?

David Howden
Banks and Banking

Olbrich et al.
End the Myth! On Value Investing’s Incompatibility with Austrian Economics

Mark Thornton
Prices or Markets? The Case of Prohibition

Grahame Booker
Phelps on Mass Flourishing

David Howden
Austerity in Europe: 2007-2014

Thorsten Polleit
Hayek’s ‘Denationalization of Money’ – a Praxeological Reassessment

Alasdair Macleod
Gibson’s Paradox

Braun & Howden
Keynes v. Hayek, Again