The Journal of Prices & Markets, Volume 4, Issue 1


Este ejemplar del Journal of Prices & Markets incluye un nuevo aporte al debate entre banca libre con reserva fraccionaria frente a la banca libre con encaje 100 %. También incluye tratamientos al cálculo económico, la teoría de la firma, cuestiones financieras y de ciclos económicos.

Editor’s Introduction
by David Howden

The First Step to Returning to Sound Money: Requiring 100% Reserves on Bank Demand Deposits
by Patrick Barron

Money in a World of Finance
by David Howden

Implications of the Economic Calculation Debate for Rural Land Use in Ontario
by Lily Yi Wang & Glenn Fox

Aboriginal Title: Is There Any Such Thing?
by Grahame Booker

Economic Calculation in the Academy
by Garrett M. Petersen

Formalizing Austrian Thought: A Suggested Approach
by Martin Sibileau

Why Are We Libertarians?
by Adam Knott

Is the Theory of the Firm a Missing Chapter in Austrian Economics?
by Glenn Fox

Towards an Austrian Theory of Finance
by George Bragues

You Didn’t Build That: An Austrian Critique
by William J. Corcoran

Boom and Bust: The Role of Business Valuation in the Recent Financial Crisis
by David J. Rapp